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DVD Unlocker

DVD Unlocker is a simple and fast way to unlock your DVD player so that your dvd player can play all DVDs, also known to be region free. NO more error messages or 'you cannot play this disc' message displayed on the monitor or tv screen. DVD Unlocker gives you a database of manufacturers dvd player unlock codes to allow all dvds to be played in your dvd player. Changing DVD codes is easy with DVD Unlocker.

DVD Unlocker will make sure your DVD player (or your Windows PC or Mac) has a region free dvd player ! You could be region free in minutes.


DVD unlocker is downloadable. DVD Unlocker can be purchased on a CD. DVD Unlocker works with most branded dvd players.

You can either spend many £££'s getting your DVD player illegally chipped and devoid your manufacturers warranty or use DVD Unlocker and play all regions of dvd in minutes without any legal worries. With DVD Unlocker it is quicker, cheaper and no postage to pay with our new downloadable version delivered in seconds after payment is made. The full software emailed direct to you when you buy the download version. To see if you player is supported we have created an a-z of DVD player manufactures and models. click here

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